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Established in 2015 in response to Prime Minister’s ‘Make In India’ initiative, we have been manufacturing flow meters and other products in the field of flow measurement, for the past several years. The flow measuring products, totally designed and developed by us in India, are available in 5mm – 6000mm size range in various combinations of options to meet your application needs.

MiFlow has management systems conforming to the ISO 9001:2015, in the field of  “Design, Manufacture, Testing, Supply, Services installation and Commissioning of flow meters and its spares”  

Our flow meters are supplied and installed throughout INDIA and exported worldwide including the USA, UAE, Africa. Several flow meters of size 40” and above are working with Maharashtra premier industrial body M.I.D.C. for their India’s . Several BTU/Net Heat Flow meters, water meters and fuel meters are providing relentless services at various IT campuses in INDIA. 
MiFlow has a distinction of making one of the world’s largest flow meters of size 3000mm(120”NB), which provided relentless service to the local Municipal Corporation on drinking water service, since it’s installation on the pipeline beginning this millennia.

We have special expertise in flow metering products, services and solutions. The core knowledge about flow metering guides us to provide satisfactory services with existing products and enables development of new products and solutions. Traceable calibration provides reliable performance of the equipment.

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